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CWA Minority Caucus History

The CWA National Minority Caucus was started in the early 1970’s. Originally, it was the Black Caucus. The primary reason the Caucus was formed at the time was to address the needs of the Black Members within CWA. A growing concern for similar problems within Women, Hispanics, and other minority groups within CWA in 1980, brought about a name change and the broadening challenge to make the newly established Minority Caucus meet the needs of all of its members. The CWA Minority Caucus, who led the push for greater education and training opportunities for underrepresented members, was one of the early advocates of the Minority Leadership Institute. The MLI program was established than 30 years ago to promote the involvement of members of color and women at every level of CWA union.

Mission Statement

It is our mission as the CWA Minority Caucus:

To obtain either by election or appointment, minorities to positions at all levels of CWA. To grow in membership throughout the local level.

To continue the improvement of a well-informed network throughout CWA.

To develop a forum for all minorities to have a united voice in our union, nation, and lives.

Our Accomplishments

•Responsible for the Appointment of four Diversity Representatives to the CWA National Executive Board.

•Responsible for the CWA Equity Committee reporting out at the National Level

•Responsible for the CWA Women’s Committee reporting out at the National Level

•Host National and District Minority Conferences

•Various appointments of minorities to convention committees and staff positions

•A substantial increase in the number of minority Local Officers and Delegates to the Convention

•Inclusion of all Minorities

•CWA Minority Caucus National Conferences

•Minority Caucus Website

•Minority Caucus Scholarships

•Eugene Mays Award

•Walter D. Andrews, Sr. Award

•Quarterly Newsletter

•Minority Caucus Directory

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