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Kristy Pham 

District 9 

(CWA National Minority Caucus Representing California)

A proud member of Communications Workers of America Local 9510

I am honored to have the opportunity to represent you as the District 9 Representative

 of CWA National Minority Caucus.

Current Positions-CWA Local 9510

Secretary Treasurer

Women’s Committee Chairperson

Area Steward for Asian Market Group Language Call Center at AT&T.

Former Positions-CWA Local 9510

Executive Board Member

Shop Steward

Mobilization Chairperson

2010 Minority Leadership Institute Graduate

Regardless of what position I am holding, I am a devoted Union Activist. 

I have passion with fighting for equity and equality, social justice, fair wages, and member’s right at

work. I have been involved with the community outreach program, political action and promoting friendly, 

labor leaders statewide.

My mission is to build a strong membership for CWA National Minority Caucus.

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